A Joke About a Hurricane and Snowstorm Actually Got Us Moving to Tampa Where It is Always Warm

My wife and I got tired of the winter commutes in our home along the northern eastern seaboard. The weather could get downright nasty. We have spent nights at work and have been stuck at home unable to get to work. I made a joke that the next time we get stuck at home or at work it is going to be because of a hurricane and not a snowstorm. It was then that my wife shared how much she did want to start looking for apartments in Tampa FL. She went to school there and we vacationed there. We were operating under the misleading information that we would not like the months of June, July and August in Florida. We leased a place for a year to find out.

We had a lot of vacation time, and we both mostly telecommuted much of the time now anyway. Our company had a big office in the Tampa area, so relocating was actually going to be easier than we thought. Our work is for corporate and not the northern office anyway. We met at work, fell in love and got married. Last year we made it through the hot months in Florida and found out we like it. I'm telling you it is much easier to go inside in the air conditioning and have it hot outside than to be inside with the furnace running while it is frigid outside. This gets to be even more true as each year your bones get older.

We did our searching and found luxury apartments in Tampa FL that were perfect for us. There is a gym, luxurious swimming pool and there is fishing and bird watching at Galt Lake. I really like to fish, and my wife has been into birding since she was a child. My joke about only being stuck if it is a hurricane and not a snowstorm got us to move to where it stays warm enough to go outside year round without a parka. We are both much happier for making the move. The luxury apartment in Tampa makes it all that much nicer.

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