Cheap Apartments for Stockbridge Area

I am going to be moving out of the apartment that I have shared with my girlfriend for the last year, because things really aren't working for me. I thought that she was the one, but it seems that I was mistaken about things. There is still an off chance that we could work it out, but I don't think she really wants things to be better. So, I have to start looking for stockbridge ga apartments for rent as I will need to find a new place to live rather quickly and I do not really want to delay in the process of moving out to a new place on my own.

I really think that it will be better if I move out on my own, even if we do somehow manage to salvage our relationship. We probably decided to move into together too soon, and in retrospect, I can see that kind of set us up for failure. But things were a lot better back then, and so I could not have imagined just how bad they would get. Right now, I feel like I am at my wit's end with all of the stress that she is causing me.

She seems to have absolutely no regard for my emotions, and yet if I try to call her out on the way that she treats me, she always manages to turn things around and act like I am doing the very things that I am accusing her of. Of course, I am not trying to place blame or anything, I just want to have my feelings acknowledged, and get her to realize that I am not happy with the way that she has been treating me. But no matter how I try to bring it up, it seems I am always the bad guy.

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