Worked Like a Charm for My Book Business

18/05/2018 @

Until I discovered liftmyrank small business seo service online after a friend took an interest in my rare book business, I did most of my deals through word of mouth. I’m a retired office worker and I sell rare books on the side as sort of a boost to my fixed budget in retirement. I’m nowhere near the level of the huge online retail operations, obviously, but in any given month I would make anywhere from a few hundred dollars to maybe a thousand. It depends on what I’m selling and also if I’m just being a middleman for someone selling a rare tome.

My friend learned about my little side business and suggested I look into search engine optimization. I had no idea what any of that meant, and while I do have an online site it’s pretty small and I don’t use it a lot. He said I could easily double the amount of money I make, maybe even triple it, if I made sure my site got a better ranking on the big search engines. I figured I would give it a shot and ended up contacting a firm in the Bay Area. They took over from there.

The results were somewhat shocking, but in a very good way. I noticed my inbox filling up with a lot of enquiries from people interested in some of my stock. I had books that sat around for years and suddenly people wanted them and they were willing to pay full value! I was even contacted by someone in the tech world (you would know his name for sure) who wanted some old computer manuals I’ve had for decades. It turns out he’s a nut for this particular topic and was ecstatic he finally found these specific manuals! My business is booming and all it took was some seo finesse!

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